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At Wolfe's Rental and Storage you'll find affordable indoor storage units to keep all

your belongings safe for your relocation or project. Trust in our family owned and operated business for all your storage needs.


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(All prices include tax)

5x5 - $40.00/Month

5x10 - $50.00/Month

10x10 - $70.00/Month

10x15 - $90.00/Month

10x20 - $100.00/Month

Storage Unit Sizes & Rates

10x30 - $130.00/Month

*All storage units require a one-month security deposit and a $30 lock and key charge due at time of signing the lease. When you move out, your security deposit will be refunded (provided the unit is emptied and clean); and $20 of the lock and key charge

will be refunded. Sorry, we do not offer outside parking spaces for rent.  

Please Note: The rental lease is on a month-to-month basis. We require a credit or debit card to process your storage rental fee each month on your due date.

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